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To the lap of nature ...

Where better to capture the thrill of a howling black and white colobus or to listen to the wood owl calling his partner,

For a true sense of escape

Get absorbed by forest smells and sounds, spot primates swinging through the trees and observe rare birds and beautiful butterflies fluttering around.

Enjoy Winter

Rejovate with falling snow ...


Recharge with colors of the nature

Understand Eco System

Be a part of change ...

Listen the calmness of the nature.

Surrounded by hills, here the wilderness takes on a deeper shade of green.

Coalesce Services India Pvt. Ltd. (CSIPL) a Company Registered under companies Act 1956 with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt of India, is offering “Eco & Adventure Camps with a brand name of “Coalesce Club”. The first Two Locations are established in the hills of Uttarakhand to provide Adventurous and Unique Refreshing experience to the visitors.

These Rural Eco & Village Tourism Camps are been developed with Community participation to give a sustainable growth to villagers. It aims to develop an Inclusive model of Community-Led, Rural Eco-Tourism which will become a respected and credible benchmark in Green Livelihood generation in Uttarakhand Region.

Roaming in apple orchards, plucking fruits and organic vegetables, will be altogether a different and heart-soothing experience. Visiting natural scenic beauty would be a life time experience because by spending a tiny amount one can thoroughly enjoy every bit i.e. staying, food, moon walking, sight-seeing, riding, trekking, rock climbing and what not.

Come and Join “Coalesce Club” to “Feel Biodiversity in the Lap of Nature”.

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